The newest name in silicone hose but the one with history and heritage, having worked in the motorsport silicone hose industry for over 20 years and having been involved with cars for over twenty five years, it’s in our blood. We’ve had experience of the painful search for silicone hoses, do you choose high quality and wait weeks and months or do you have cheaper poor quality but quick delivery? We decided that you should be able to have both so made it our mission to be able to offer you high quality hoses and quickly so your search for a silicone hose supplier is over. When creating Extreme 14 Hoses we knew what the market needed and that’s what our priority was; quality and availability and that is what we deliver to you every time.

We’ve always lived cars and built a whole host of cars from 500bhp Nissans to a 250bhp Peugeot 205 and currently run a drift Supercharged BMW. Our team are motorsport enthusiasts and we can be found regularly at shows and drift days or just in the garage working on our latest build. We understand the passion behind motorsport so we don’t just sell a product we live it and strive to be the best we can whilst still enjoying what we do!

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Extreme14 is part of the Leyland Hose company who have a long history of supplying the commercial sector, we have used that experience and technical knowledge in our Extreme14 performance silicone hoses. One of the biggest silicone hose manufacturers now operating from four sites across Europe and the world. We use materials sourced from the UK and worldwide to ensure they are of the highest quality for us to produce the high quality silicone hoses you want.

The hoses Leyland manufacture are supplied to many of the top commercial vehicle manufacturers who have to offer vehicle warranties in excess of 100,000 miles. The hoses are Euro 6 compliant which means they are manufactured to cope with the much higher temperatures and pressures found in these engines. Many other motorsport silicone hoses aren’t Euro 6 compliant but Extreme14 silicone hoses do meet the quality standards to pass Euro 6.

We know when you are building your vehicle the hoses are always the last thought once the engine, turbo, intercoolers or radiators are fitted and usually a few days before race day which is why we keep the biggest stock of universal parts in UK so we can ship them next day for orders placed before 12 noon. We give you the same service whether you order one hose or one hundred hoses.

All Extreme14 Performance hoses are produced to our high quality standards in our own manufacturing facility to ensure they won’t let you down whether your drive is a track, drift, race or just highly tuned.


Our hoses are made from premium silicone compound which we mix with the colour pigments in-house, we also calendar all our own materials which means we have complete control of the process from start to finish. Our fabric is sourced in the UK to ensure consistent quality and we use 3-5 plies of this in every hose depending on the bore size. This gives our hoses a burst pressure of up to 26 bar depending on the bore size and number of plies.

We have a strict final inspection process to check every hose we make and a large range of test equipment. We can carry out burst testing, heat ageing, vibration and pressure cycle testing. Leyland has developed a coolant hose with a specific liner suitable for OAT coolants where other manufacturers just use a fluoro-silicone liner which is suitable for fuel/oil.

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