• Why silicone?

    Silicone hoses are manufactured with multi-layer re-enforcement which is much stronger than original OEM hoses and will withstand higher temperatures and pressures. Resistant to ozone and heat and don’t perish over time so you can fit and forget plus they give your engine bay that finishing touch with vibrant colours.

  • How do I measure my hose?

    The length of an angled hose is usually referred to as it’s leg length. When measuring and specifying the length you measure the distance between two points, these are shown as A & B. Imagine a straight line down the middle of each leg of the hose, these meet on the outside of the bend- Point A, measure from this point to the very end of the leg of the hose- Point B, this is your leg length. When specifying the diameter of the hose you always need to measure the internal diameter and never the outside diameter as wall thicknesses can differ. If you need to measure the metal or plastic pipework the hose fits on then always measure the outside diameter of that pipework.

  • How to I cut my hose?

    Mark the hose with a pen to the desired length, then fit a hose clip on to the hose with one edge in line with the mark. Use a new snap off blade knife to cut the hose, hold the knife straight and cut into the hose. Then cut around the hose using the hose clip edge to guide you in a straight line, when you get to the worm drive mechanism loosen the clip and rotate it round the hose to realign a section of plain hose clip edge along the uncut section and finish the cut. Any frayed bits of the polyester fabric can be removed by trimming with scissors or melting with a flame from a lighter.

  • How do I fit the hose?

    Always try to choose the hose diameter closest to the size you need by using our measuring guide. Never force the hose on as this can cause the layers to delaminate, work it gently over the pipework. Ensure you have enough hose past the bead so you can secure it with the hose clip. Always use good quality hose clips to secure the hose and never use perforated clips as they will damage the hose.

  • How do I clean the hose?

    We recommend using¬†silshine which is a specially designed spray cleaner for silicone hose. If you don’t have any silshine then hot soapy water or baby wipes can also be used to clean the hose.

  • Which hose do I use for OiI?

    Standard hoses are not suitable for fuels or oil so select the fluorosilcone lined type for use with oil.

  • Why use Extreme 14 hoses?

    Fast, friendly and reliable service is what we offer when supplying you quality silicone hoses. We have the largest stock in the UK totalling over 150,000 hoses ready to send to you for a next day delivery. We manufacture hoses to a high specification so you should never need to change them again

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